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Flaming Pig Black Cask Whiskey 0.7 40%

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In the Great Dublin Whiskey Fire of 1875, 5,000 barrels of whiskey stored in Malone's bonded warehouse suddenly caught fire. History has it that the lone squeal of a "burning pig" raised the alarm, saving both the town and the whiskey.

More than a hundred years later, Irish whiskey Flaming Pig was created in honor of "the pig that saved Irish whiskey".

Flaming Pig is the brainchild of Joey and Foro, two guys from Ireland who saw a gap in the market for an uncomplicated Irish whiskey that had more flavor and character than mainstream brands. Flaming Pig is a blend of Irish single malt and grain whiskeys that is richer and spicier, plus smoky thanks to intense cask firing.


769,00 Kč tax incl.

Flaming Pig Black Cask is created from a blend of single grain and single malt whiskeys that are matured in small casks for 4-10 years. It comes from West Cork Distillers in Skibbereen.

It was aged for 6 months in ex-bourbon casks that were fired, giving the whiskey a rich and peaty taste.

It was then diluted with pure spring water and bottled with 40% alcohol content.

We recommend serving at room temperature without water and ice. Color: amber with orange highlights

Aroma: sweet, vanilla, caramel, wood, fruit, apples, peach

Taste: mild, vanilla, nuts, fruit, pepper, pineapple, chocolate

Finish: medium length, pepper, peach, nutmeg, caramel

Volume700 ml
Alcohol content40%
Country of originIreland

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