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Rebel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Tawny Port Finish 0.7l 45%

New product

Rebel Yell Tawny Port Finish is an American bourbon from Kentucky.

It comes from the Special Finish series.

Aged in a combination of 3 types of barrels.

In 2019 it was aged in French oak barrels.

It was subsequently aged in ex-cognac casks in 2020 and finally in 2021 in ex-wine Tawny Port casks.

This is a unique and very tempting combination that made this great bourbon even better!

After maturation, it is bottled with 45% alcohol content and closed with a cork.

We recommend serving with an ice cube.

Color: amber with orange-brown highlights

Aroma: syrup, red fruit, vanilla, caramel, popcorn, wood

Taste: mildly sweet, strawberries, cream, lemon, chocolate, coffee, pepper

Finish: long, pleasant, oak, pepper, cinnamon, vanilla


759,00 Kč tax incl.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content45%
Country of originUSA
StylesBourbon Whiskey

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