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Three Cents Cherry Soda 200ML

New product


On the market since 2019 The unique combination of wild cherries and cherry pits creates a perfectly balanced soda water that is ideal for preparing gin slings and Collins cocktails.

34,00 Kč tax incl.

Minimální odběr pro tento produkt je: 24.

Three Cents premium tonics and sodas are inspired by late 19th century soda bar culture and craftsmanship. The easiest way to always prepare the best tasting and balanced drinks in seconds.

Brand idea

To intensify the experience associated with drinking. The difference with still drinks is that the carbonation causes a series of micro-explosions in the mouth that stimulate pleasant sensations. Long-lasting effervescence and full preservation of flavors and aromas in long drinks were the idea behind the creation of the Three Cents brand.

Brand essence

Everything revolves around bubbles

Once we mastered the science of bubbles, Three Cents came out with the most bubbly product ever: Three Cents Craft Beverages. The key to perfect cocktails and long drinks, which allows for the preservation of their effervescence until the last sip and at the same time allows the refined taste and aroma to stand out.

Volume200 ml
Packaging24 pcs

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