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Padre Azul is proud to present its latest innovation - Padrecito Tequila Blanco, created in collaboration with World Bartending Champion David Rios and Master Distiller Erika Sangeado .

Padrecito - is the result of a vision to create a sipping, pairing and mixing tequila profile!

Your search for the perfect tequila for mixing is now over!

David's bartending experience combined with Erica's knowledge of fine tequilas has resulted in this beautiful bottle - our Padrecito Blendable Tequila!

Tequila made for mixing quality drinks - Margarita or Tequila Sunrise , you name it.

Padrecito is the perfect tequila for your favorite cocktail! It will highlight the flavor aroma of agave and the fruity sweetness you are looking for in a drink.

Professionals, enthusiasts and amateur bartenders: this tequila is for you! Padrecito is our gift to the world of bartending - made by one of the best bartenders in the world for all bartenders in the world.

It simply enriches any cocktail while enhancing the mixing and drinking experience!

849,00 Kč tax incl.


David Rios is the co-creator of Padrecita, and it was his experience in the bar industry that shaped the flavor profile of this tequila. Thanks to his twenty years of experience and many awards, including the Diageo Reserve World Class 2013 award for the best bartender in the world, David Rios is the ideal person to create excellent tequila. "When I create a cocktail, I think of the spirit first. Other ingredients are added to make the spirit stand out. With the Padrecito brand, we have created a tequila that has an authentic personality. It's perfect for your favorite cocktail, but it's also great neat or with ice. The balanced complexity of spicy spices, aromatic herbs and fresh fruit makes Padrecito tequila so unique and fascinating!”

David Rios, Miami Florida


There are only a handful of women working as master distillers in the entire world. However, Erika does not let this discourage her, on the contrary. She's going her own way, like she always did. With his knowledge, determination and unmistakable sense of quality, he creates the foundation for exceptional tequila. And thanks to his enormous positivity and incredible strength, he is a real inspiration for everyone. Thanks to her experience and unsurpassed knowledge of first-class spirits, Erika is the second force behind the creation of Padrecita. Erica's knowledge, determination and unmistakable sense of quality, combined with David's experience, are the secret recipe for Padrecito. “Creating the flavor profile of a sipping, pairing and mixing tequila was a challenge. And working on it with David – it was an absolute pleasure.”

Erika Sangeado, Jalisco Mexico

Padrecito is made from 100% blue agave (Weber's agave), which is harvested young at just 6 years of age. After harvesting, carefully selected agaves are steamed in a brick oven for 24 hours and then left to rest in the residual heat of the oven for another 12 hours. Finally, there is a 72-hour fermentation and then a two-week stabilization, which completes the complex process and ensures the highest quality and excellent taste.



What you need?

60 ml of Padrecito tequila

25 ml fresh lime juice

15 ml of agave syrup

50-100 ml of ginger beer to top up with an optional pinch of sea salt

How to mix the drink?

Moisten the rim of a long drink glass with a lime wedge and dip it into a plate of Mexican artisan salt.

David Rios prefers a mixture of cocoa, morita chili, sesame and hibiscus flower - regular sea salt works just as well!

Pour all ingredients except the ginger ale into a shaker and shake gently.

Strain the mixture into the prepared glass and top up with cold ginger beer.

Garnish with lemon zest and a few fresh mint leaves.


Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content40%
Country of originMexico

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