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Botafogo Spiced Gold Rum 0,7L 40% View larger

Botafogo Ginger Elixir 0.7L 35%

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BOTAFOGO GINGER white rum with ginger flavor

Ginger is a spice known for its many virtues: aphrodisiac, antioxidant and great digestive aid, and was carefully selected to create Botafogo Ginger rum.

Get ready for an explosion of spicy and fiery flavors with notes of lemon, cinnamon and pepper.


AROMA: Ginger, pepper and citrus fruits. A fresh and floral fragrance

TASTE: Balance of ginger, lemon and spice

FINISH: Spicy, cinnamony

► BOTAFOGO MULE - 40 ml Botafogo Ginger. - 20 ml of lime juice. Pour everything into a glass and fill with ginger beer and ice cubes.

398,00 Kč tax incl.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content35%
Country of originCaribbean

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