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Don Ramón Joven Salmiana Mezcal 70cl 40%

New product

Mezcal Don Ramón Joven is a transcendent expression of this variety of the handcrafted spirits category.

Made from 100% Salmiana agave from Zacatecas, Mexico, aged 8 to 10 years. embodies the earthy smokiness of mezcal.

After a sip, it pleases the taste buds with an awakening but balanced aroma of herbs, flowers and fresh citrus with a soft fruity finish brought by agave.

For every Salmiana agave harvested, Casa Don Ramón plants two more species in its place.

AGAVE: 100% agave Salmiana

DISTILLATION: Double distilled in a pot still

COLOR: Clear

AROMA: Smoke, citrus and flowers

NOTES: Herbal, slightly fruity and smoky aroma.

999,00 Kč tax incl.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content40%
Country of originMexico

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