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Bruxo, which translates to "wizard", was created by a group of friends who love and honor mezcal in all its magic.

The handcrafted, vegan mezcal Pechuga Bruxo No.2 is made from 80% Barril agave and 20% Espadin agave, with roasted Maguey heart added to the spirit to intensify the agave notes and give it a bold color.

Traditional methods are used in production, where the agave is slowly cooked in an earthen pit after harvesting. The cooked agave is crushed using a pestle, then allowed to ferment naturally and then double distilled in copper pot stills.

Appearance: Light amber color.

Aroma: Tones of earl gray tea and smoky honey.

Taste: Cinnamon spice, cumin and chocolate notes.

Finish: Caramel agave fades into floral lavender.

Overall: A rich and exotic blend of flavors that come together harmoniously.

1 099,00 Kč tax incl.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content46%
Country of originMexico

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