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LOKITA TOBALÁ 12 YO 47% 0.7l

New product

All the traditions and heritage of Mexico live in our agave plants (Agave means "wonderful" in Greek). Agave Tobalá ripens in twelve years for an optimal harvest in extreme natural conditions.

They are dying to give us their "spirit". Their hearts, or piñas, are slowly baked in pre-Hispanic underground ovens lined with volcanic stones for 3 to 4 days under a sheath of their leaves. Agave juice is traditionally obtained by grinding roasted pinas with a stone pulled by a mule called a Tahona, then fermented in oak vats and distilled twice in copper stills.

Our Maestro Mezcalero Arturo Martínez is the representative of the third generation of the family, which preserves the tradition of the ancestors and breathes life into one of our oldest drinks. We are happy to serve it to you.

1 629,00 Kč tax incl.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content47%
Country of originMexico

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