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Sông Cai Floral Gin 0.7L 45%


New product

Capturing the taste and freshness of the first flower of the season is the mission of Sông Cái Floral Gin.

Bringing you from winter to spring, this gin is a fusion of the vast deltas and remote mountains of Việt Nam.

In combination with five distinctive flowers, a truly unique floral gin was created. Sông Cái Floral is distilled in small batches, carefully and in copper stills with direct fire, bringing captivating flavors to life.

Appearance: Clear and transparent.

Nose: Notes of fresh pine mingle with aromas of ripe black cherry and juicy lychee.

Citrus flowers add a subtle touch.

Taste: Flavors of ripe berries and green pepper mingle with a subtle touch of sweet bee pollen.

The whole is balanced by a floral note of ylang-ylang.

Finish: The finish is sweet and spicy with a touch of lingering citrus notes.

798,00 Kč tax incl.

This is the ultimate project of passion and local sustainability.

Daniel Nguyen founded this company after working for an initiative of Vietnam's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

After working with the local farming community in the jungles of northwestern Vietnam, he wanted to improve the cultivation of local crops and empower the local farming community.

Sông Cái (meaning "Mother River") is a gin made from all harvested plants (except juniper, which is imported).

These local plants such as jungle pepper, black cardamom, green turmeric, heirloom pomelo, local cinnamon leaves and bark, local woods, white licorice root and dried mangosteen add a spicy character to the gin, with juniper playing a supporting role.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content45
Country of originVietnam

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