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Gautier Extra 1755 Cognac 40% 0.7L

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EXTRA 1755 cognac, created in honor of Louis GAUTIER, the founder of Maison GAUTIER, is a unique blend of our heritage of old and rare eaux-de-vie from the "Cellar of Paradise". It is delicate and intense, revealing a uniquely complex and elegant bouquet of scents that will be appreciated especially by connoisseurs.

EXTRA 1755 Gentle, Intense, Complex

TASTING NOTE EXTRA 1755 offers a rich and delicate aroma combining the complexity of spices with the delicacy of vanilla, supported by floral aromas that give it all the elegance.

In the mouth, well balanced between power and delicacy. The initial fullness turns out to be a permanent feature. Strong, generous and full-bodied EXTRA 1755 cognac with smooth, delicate notes is definitely a cognac for demanding connoisseurs.

BEST SERVED Its purity in small sips allows you to fully appreciate the extraordinary richness and delicacy of its bouquet, which reveals the old eaux-de-vie used in its blend.

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The story begins in the 17th century, when the GAUTIER family produced oak barrels from the French Limousin forest. Our ancestors developed a close relationship with the oak that is more than just a skill and is captured in the family motto "DU GALT MER SUI", which means "I am the master of the forest" in old French. This special expertise is one of the key elements in mastering the long aging process of our cognac.

In 1644, Charles GAUTIER married Jacquette BROCHET, who was the daughter of a winemaker. A new passion was born from this union of cooperage and winemaking heritage - the production of cognac.

From 1700, their grandson Louis GAUTIER continued to expand his activities in the field of cognac production and contributed to the significant growth of Maison GAUTIER.

In 1755, the GAUTIER family obtained the royal right to produce cognac and the charter signed by King Louis XV.

Almost three centuries ago, in the 18th century, our ancestors set up cellars in a unique place - in an ancient water mill above the waters of the river Osme in Aigre, where you can still find us today. Because we know that it is the natural humidity of our cellars that gives our cognac a unique rich and delicate character.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content40%
Country of originFrance

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