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Gautier VS Cognac 40% 0.7L

New product

Perfectly embodying the first maturation of cognac, VS by Maison GAUTIER is an extremely elegant and generous cognac.

Awarded "BEST VS COGNAC IN THE WORLD" at the 2015 World Cognac Awards.

TASTING NOTE Light golden color with a fruity and spicy aroma, light oak notes and a hint of vanilla.

THE BEST WAY TO SERVE GAUTIER VS, ideally enjoyed with ice or in a cocktail to bring out its character to the fullest.

740,00 Kč tax incl.

At Maison GAUTIER, we are guided by our inner desire to seek. We aspire to create the most generous cognac ever. Cognac made with heart and soul, made without compromise. A cognac with distinctive features that is a reflection of those who make it and those who enjoy it. That's why we stayed true to our roots, our connection with nature. Nature has been an integral part of who we are for over 260 years. And we deeply appreciate that. Thanks to our barrel making tradition passed down from generation to generation, we know how to select the right oaks to create the perfect barrels for our cognacs. With the same care, our team of fifteen enthusiastic people ensure the maturation of our eaux-de-vie in an ancient water mill above the river Osme, because we know that it is the natural humidity of our cellars that gives our cognac its unique rich and delicate character. The final alchemy happens when our expert Maître de chai mixes these exceptional eaux-de-vie. This is how we achieve a truly unique cognac for today's cognac lovers. One that sets the standards of perfection for those who believe that the cognac experience should always be generous and authentic. Maison GAUTIER, Cognac produced with generosity, since 1755.

The story begins in the 17th century, when the GAUTIER family produced oak barrels from the French Limousin forest. Our ancestors developed a close relationship with the oak that is more than just a skill and is captured in the family motto "DU GALT MER SUI", which means "I am the master of the forest" in old French. This special expertise is one of the key elements in mastering the long aging process of our cognac.

In 1644, Charles GAUTIER married Jacquette BROCHET, who was the daughter of a winemaker. A new passion was born from this union of cooperage and winemaking heritage - the production of cognac.

From 1700, their grandson Louis GAUTIER continued to expand his activities in the field of cognac production and contributed to the significant growth of Maison GAUTIER.

In 1755, the GAUTIER family obtained the royal right to produce cognac and the charter signed by King Louis XV.

Volume700 ml
Packaging6 pcs
Alcohol content40%
Country of originFrance

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