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Artisan Tonics (Classic London Tonic / Skinny London Tonic / Pink Citrus Tonic & Amalfi Lime Tonic)

Classic London Tonic - natural citrus flavor with subtle herbal notes

Skinny London Tonic - A natural blend of aromatic botanicals with lower amounts of fruit sugar for a fresh, clean, citrus taste.

Pink Citrus Tonic - a clean, fresh citrus blend of pink grapefruit, blood orange and lemon with a hint of basil.

Violet Blossom Tonic - A light floral flavor of violet blossom, apple blossom and elderflower, soft aromatic notes of rosemary and basil with a clean refreshing natural lemon finish.

190,00 Kč tax incl.

The Artisan Drinks Co. Tonic Gift Pack

contains a selection of Artisan Drinks' most popular tonics in a stylish black and white gift box. An ideal gift for premium tonic lovers, each gift pack contains 4 unique tonics in 200ml glass bottles, custom-made with Alan Walsh's artwork on canvas-style labels. The recipes were developed by Mikey Enright, owner of the best gin bar in the world, and pair perfectly with gin and a range of other spirits. They can also be enjoyed as sophisticated soft drinks.

Volume200 ml
Packaging4 pieces
Country of originGreat Britain