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Bruxo, which translates to "wizard", was created by a group of friends who love and honor mezcal in all its magic. The handcrafted, vegan mezcal Pechuga Bruxo No.2 is made from 80% Barril agave and 20% Espadin agave, with roasted Maguey heart added to the spirit to intensify the agave notes and give it a bold color. Traditional methods are used in...

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Color, smell and taste Aroma of nutmeg and mineral notes. Soft mineral tones appear in the mouth. The balance of flavors is perfect. You can feel its elegance in every sip. Aftertaste with melon notes. Serve and combine With fresh young cheese, nuts or a lemon and spicy shrimp dish. Production This mezcal is made entirely from Barril agave, a variety that...

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Color, smell and taste The nose smells of peanuts. Espadín agave brings floral and lemony aromas to this mezcal. In the mouth, Barril agave adds a mineral structure, while Cuishe brings subtle herbal notes such as arugula and fennel. Serve and combine Accompaniment with coffee and dark chocolate will enhance its taste. Production It is the creation of...

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Color, smell and taste A pleasant aroma of butter in the nose and a spicy and sweet taste in the mouth. Serve and combine This mezcal has a peach and quince aftertaste that goes well with foie grais, mustard seeds, chives and smoked salmon. Production This mezcalero was created by maestro Cándido Reyes. 100% 12-year-old Tobalá agave is used in production,...

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Bruxo X is a post-distillation blend of 80% Espadin mezcal and 20% Barril mezcal. It is produced by mezcalero Juan Morales Garcia in San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca. This mezcal has a delicate aroma full of citrus and floral notes with peanuts and jicama. Citrus peels, fruit, chamomile, mineral notes and light honey appear in the taste. Bruxo Mezcal Bruxo...

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Bruxo No. 1 is distilled from 100% Espadin agave. This mezcal uses a smoky flavor that frames and accentuates delicious fruit and floral aromas. The texture and richness of this mezcal really stands out. The mysterious origin and name of this product also add to its mystery. Bruxo, which means "wizard" in Portuguese, may enchant you.

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