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Exclusive and wild: "Cristalino Añejo Tequila" - limited edition PADRE AZUL tequila in collaboration with Swarovski & Prison Art. Tequila "Cristalino Añejo Tequila", limited to 1,000 bottles, was created in cooperation with Swarovski, which created a unique skull with an engraved number for each bottle. This special edition is the project of tequila...

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Truly unique. Aged for at least 18 months in hand-selected bourbon oak casks, this super-premium tequila is extremely complex and smooth. with complex flavors such as cinnamon, chocolate and caramelized nuts. Recommended drinking temperature: 20 degrees.

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PADRE AZUL TEQUILA BLANCO Clear, transparent tequila. Very delicate and complex, incomparable taste of fresh agave. Ideal for mixing high quality cocktails. Recommended drinking temperature: 18 degrees.

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This tequila has been stored in oak barrels for at least 8 months. This gives it a classic, pale yellow color and a special complexity. Slightly vanilla flavor, very distinct, very pleasant aftertaste. Recommended drinking temperature: 18 degrees.

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WHEN A MASTER DISTILLER AND A WORLD CHAMPION BARTENDER GET TOGETHER Padre Azul is proud to present its latest innovation - Padrecito Tequila Blanco, created in collaboration with World Bartending Champion David Rios and Master Distiller Erika Sangeado . Padrecito - is the result of a vision to create a sipping, pairing and mixing tequila profile! Your...

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